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Financial Freedom in Your 40s: Prosperity with finurja's financial tracking app

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

I'm Mamta Sharma, 42 now, and as I think about my life, memories of my childhood in Lucknow rush in. Growing up in that lively city, my parents taught me the values of hard work and never giving up.

My education was a determined journey. Even with money challenges, I finished my schooling. My parents, though not rich, always said education was the key to a better life.

Childhood memories are special, and mine are no different. I remember the busy streets of Lucknow, playing with friends, and family gatherings. But when my father passed away when I was 15, life got tough. My mom, strong as a rock, had to raise me and my siblings alone.

financial tracking app

It was hard. We had to be careful with money, and every rupee counted. My mom worked hard, taking different jobs to support us. Despite the difficulties, she never let us feel the weight of our situation. Her strength inspired me.

Finishing my education became a joint goal for my mom and me. We knew it was the way to a brighter future. I worked part-time jobs and studied late into the night, driven by the determination to fulfill my dreams and honor my parents' sacrifices.

After Lucknow, life changed when I got married and settled in Bhopal. With two beautiful children, our life seemed perfect. But fate had other plans, and our family faced a tough situation.

My husband got sick suddenly, leaving him paralyzed. Overnight, I had to take care of the whole family. The emotional and financial toll was heavy, but I was determined to navigate through it. With a strong will, I became a teacher, juggling my job with part-time tuitions to make ends meet.

My children's education became a top priority. I knew securing their future was crucial, so I started making Fixed Deposits (FDs) for their education. Additionally, I set up Recurring Deposits (RDs) for emergencies, creating a safety net for unexpected expenses.

Investing in mutual funds and the stock market felt risky to me at that time. The fear of losing my hard-earned money kept me away from exploring those options. Instead, I went for safer choices, focusing on stable returns to ensure a secure future for my family.

Keeping track of our finances was hard, especially with the chaos of managing a paralyzed husband, raising two kids, and working tirelessly. At first, I noted everything down in a diary, but as our financial portfolio grew, this manual method became difficult. Wish to have a financial tracking app.

Then came finurja—a financial tracking app that changed my life. With finurja, I could easily monitor all my Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, National Pension Scheme (NPS), and Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) accounts in one place. The app gave real-time updates, letting me check the total account balance anytime.

The stress of managing finances lifted, especially with the challenges of caring for my family and managing a demanding job. Now I could focus more on my family and career. finurja became my financial ally, making the complex task of tracking investments simple and ensuring our funds were secure and growing. It makes tracking my money simple and gives me updates in real-time.


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