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7 Personal Finance Apps You Need to Know in 2023

Managing your finances has never been easier, personal finance and budgeting apps available in 2023 which help you to be ahead in your finance tracking. Whether you want to track your expenses, create a budget, or simply gain more control over your financial life, these top 7 apps have got you covered

Personal Finance Apps

Personal Finance Apps:

1. Dhani app - Personal No - Cost EMI Loan

2. GoodBudget - Budget and Finance

3. Monefy - Budget and Expenses app

4. Money Manager Expense and Budget

5. Money View - Personal Loan app

6. Wallet - Budget Expense Tracker

7. AXIO - Expense Tracker & BNPL

1. Dhani App

A hassle-free way to borrow with no monthly payments - pay it back after 90 days at your convenience.

Personal Finance Apps

Enjoy these Key Benefits:

No EMIs:

Repay the principal amount after 90 days.


Pay 0% interest on your borrowed loan.

Unlimited Doctor Consultations:

Access quality healthcare 24/7.

Discounted Medicines:

Save up to 50% on branded medicines.

No Processing Fees or Extra Charges:

Just a flat monthly subscription fee to be paid.

Free Dhani RuPay Card:

Your very own Dhani card, accepted at over 30 lakh online and offline merchants.

2. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is a user-friendly budgeting app that brings the time-tested envelope budgeting method into the digital age. With Goodbudget, you can easily allocate your income to different categories, sync and share household budgets, save for significant expenses, and efficiently track and pay off debt. Say hello to financial peace of mind and effective budgeting with Goodbudget.

Personal Finance Apps

Effective Budgeting Made Simple

Goodbudget employs the envelope method for practical budgeting. Allocate funds to categorized envelopes, such as rent or dining out, and spend according to these categories, not your account balance.

Share Household Budgets with Ease

Synchronize and share household budgets effortlessly. Goodbudget ensures transparency, allowing everyone to see expenses, eliminating miscommunication.

Savings Made Easy

Planning for significant expenses is a breeze with Goodbudget. Save for cars, dream vacations, or large purchases in advance.

Debt Payoff Support

Goodbudget aids in debt repayment with Debt Accounts. Track your progress and set aside funds for a debt-free future. Bid farewell to financial burdens.

3. Monefy

Your financial overview is back, and it's all about you. If you've ever experienced the frustration of money tracking with inadequate tools, Monefy is here to empower you. It simplifies expense breakdown in a straightforward and user-friendly manner.

Personal Finance Apps

With Monefy, you'll swiftly recognize spending patterns and embark on effective money-saving.

  • Effortless Transaction Recording

  • Reclaim Your Financial Overview

  • Monefy Simplifies Expense Tracking

  • Identify Spending Patterns

  • Effortless Expense Tracking

  • Full Control Over Categories

  • Select Preferred Currency

  • Choose Convenient Language

  • User-Friendly Interface

4. Money Manager Expense and Budget

Discover the Money Manager app – your ultimate financial companion. With a wide array of user-friendly features, Money Manager simplifies your financial tracking and planning, ensuring you're in control of your money.

Personal Finance Apps

Key Features:

Easy Content Access:

Money Manager provides seamless access to your financial data. You can effortlessly view your weekly and monthly totals, as well as your budget summaries.

Photo Save:

Capture and save receipts or cherished memories in one place, making it easier to link transactions with real-life events.

Reinforced Filter:

Review your transactions with precision through an array of filtering options, ensuring you find the information you need with ease.

Improved Calendar Visuals:

All your monthly transactions are neatly organized in one place, making it simple to track your financial activity over time.

Aesthetically Improved Charts:

Visualize your expenses with beautifully organized charts. These visuals provide a clear and appealing overview of your financial data.

Easier Double-entry Booking:

Manage savings, insurance, loans, and real estate effortlessly with the double-entry booking feature, simplifying complex financial tracking.

Advanced Budget Feature:

Set and monitor monthly budgets for each spending category, ensuring you stay on track with your financial goals.

Asset Graphs:

Review your asset trends in detailed and informative charts, giving you a visual representation of your financial progress.

5. Money View

The MoneyView app is your one-stop financial solution, offering instant personal loans, smart budgeting, and a range of features to streamline your money management. Discover how MoneyView simplifies your financial life.

Personal Finance Apps

Key Features:

- Instant Personal Loans:

Need quick funds? MoneyView provides instant personal loans online, making it as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. Say goodbye to lengthy approval processes.

- Hassle-Free Application:

Our application process is designed for simplicity, ensuring even newcomers can navigate it with ease. Get the financial support you need for emergencies, business ventures, gadgets, or leisure.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose MoneyView:

Flexible Loan Amounts:

Borrow any amount from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 based on your needs.

Extended Repayment Options:

Enjoy flexible repayment plans that can stretch up to 5 years.

Quick Eligibility Check:

Find out your eligibility in just 2 minutes, saving you time and effort.

Swift Disbursement:

Once approved, the loan amount is credited to your account in minutes, ensuring your urgent needs are met promptly.

Economical Interest Rates:

Benefit from competitive interest rates, starting at just 1.33% per month (16% annually).

Seamless Application:

The entire application process, from start to finish, can be completed conveniently from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for tiresome paperwork.

MoneyView is your financial ally, simplifying your life by putting money matters at your fingertips.

6. Wallet

Wallet serves as your financial hub, offering a comprehensive set of tools to manage your money effectively.

Personal Finance Apps


Wallet automatically categorizes your spending, allowing you to establish realistic financial objectives based on past experience, and to stay on course.

Expense Tracking:

Wallet helps you stay vigilant about your daily expenses, ensuring you have a clear picture of your spending.

Planned Payments:

With Wallet, you can effortlessly manage your upcoming payments, ensuring you always have the necessary funds available.

Cash Flow Insights:

Wallet empowers you to identify areas where your cash flow can be optimized, providing valuable financial insights.

Bank Sync:

Wallet seamlessly integrates with your bank or payment provider, delivering a comprehensive overview of all your expenses, complete with automatic categorizations driven by advanced machine learning.

7. AXIO (formerly Walnut) App:

AXIO, formerly known as Walnut, empowers you to take charge of your finances with an array of features designed to simplify your financial journey.

Personal Finance Apps

Key Features:

Expense Tracking and Budget Management:

AXIO provides a user-friendly way to monitor your expenses and maintain budgets. Stay in control of your financial goals while tracking upcoming credit card payments and utility bills.

Effortless Expense Sharing:

Easily split expenses with friends and automate follow-ups. AXIO streamlines expense sharing, making it hassle-free.

Pay Later for Your Purchases:

Instant credit access for your diverse needs. Shop at top brands in fashion, electronics, lifestyle, travel, and more. Pay with one-click instant credit and replenish your usable credit upon repayment. Break down repayments into convenient EMIs.

Swift Personal Loans:

AXIO offers quick access to the funds you need precisely when you need them. Finance your aspirations with ease through a straightforward registration process and timely approvals. Experience complete transparency with no hidden charges as you embark on your financial journey with AXIO.


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