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Forget clumsy diaries, keep a mindful track of your money with finurja app. 



finurja provides tools and technologies to efficiently manage your money across accounts.

Aggregate view of bank accounts and investments

Read Only access, 100% Safe

Vernacular and jargon free

More time at hand. More money in the bank. Confident you.

On an average, finruja app will save 8 hours per month for you. 


If you are a doctor, professor, business person or a busy professional, use finurja app to save this valuable time and spend it with your friends and family. 


What do we offer?

Money management becomes smarter, collaborative,  and convenient through our offerings.

Office Work

Aggregate view of your bank accounts and transactions 

Stocks on a Screen

Smart Analytics to simplify your banking

Fists in Solidarity

Community to bolster your learning

Eye Glasses

Available in multiple languages

We're building super-fast. Coming soon. 1000+ signups and counting.

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Why you should trust us?

100% secure

100% Safe and Secure

Read Only access, and we never store your data

24x7 support at your service

Customers love us

Our fab community 

fab stands for Financially Aware Bharat. We are on a mission to transform the quality of basic financial mindfulness in India. The community currently has 2000+ members and counting!


Join us to drive this change!

Become an early member of our fab community and secure benefits of:

  • 100% free practical finance training

  • Quality content on personal finance

  • Value-added services and offers 

  • Exclusive access to finurja app

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